E-Sports / July 1, 2020

Vintage Academy enters the battlefield.

Good Evening Everyone! Since forming both teams for Vintage, The Academy team has suffered from player switching just as the Agents team has. Holding onto a record of 0-4 currently, the Academy team has yet to play a game with the full team there! But don’t let that record fool you, Academy has something in store and are just waiting to bring it out to show everyone.

The Academy got their first chance at the end of the second week to play as a team in the Lazarus Tournament and went up against team Orgless Redux, a team that really showed their potential in the later rounds of the Tournament. Unfortunately, being one of their first times playing as a whole team in tournament play, the Academy lost to Orgless 0-13. Academy put up a strong fight, and even though the numbers showed a decisive victory for Orgless Redux, Academy never felt they got beat overwhelmingly. The fights were strong and the strategies were effective and smart, but Orgless was more refined in-game and ultimately kept Academy from gaining even one round.

Academy has had strong play time since the tournament and have played a number of scrimmage matches through the 30Bomb League. Academy holds a record of 0-4 currently, but have matched up against some of the highest ranking teams in 30Bomb, and even went 12-13 against Emotional Abuse. Academy has had a sub for nearly every league match thus far, but continues to grow regardless and are starting to perform like a high level team.

The energy this team holds and the amount of motivation and determination to succeed as a team is what puts Academy above almost every other team they, and the Agents team, have faced so far. Every loss is more knowledge for them to perform better in the future, and they never turn down a fight, even if they know they will be bested. Academy has a lot in store for the next few weeks with a Charity tournament this week and more scrimmages within 30Bomb to higher their standing.

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