E-Sports / June 30, 2020

Keep up with Vintage Agents

Good Morning and Afternoon to everyone today. Vintage has finally hit the floor running with Vintage Academy and Vintage Agents running in guns blazing for the first couple weeks of Tournaments. Since tryouts, Vintage Agents has seen a few members of the team move around, and by the start of this last week, Agents had their full roster set and ready to go. Agents Played in A Moonrise NA US Tournament on the weekend of 6/26/20 for a 300$ prize pool against another 50 registered teams. This was one of the first times Agents was able to play through a full Tournament as a team and it definitely showed!

Vintage Agents started off the Tournament with a BYE in the first round. In second round, Agents went up against team Rezenetti after they received a BYE in round one as well. Agents played very strong and patient as they tried to understand the play style of Rezenetti and ended up trading rounds all game until the score reached 12 to 12. In the final round, Agents was able to achieve victory over Rezenetti with a score of 12-13. Nave Hope and WHO both played phenomenally well in the game ending with a KDA of : Nave: 23/19/8 and WHO: 23/18/2. Cerf, Ntrippi, and NathanVivs all finished on the scoreboard back to back, playing very consistently with their games ending at: NathanVivs: 18/18/8 Cerf: 17/18/2 and Ntrippi: 15/17/17.

Ntrippi finished off the game with the most assists at 17, while Nave Hope followed behind with a whopping 8 assists. Overall the players and members of the Agents team played very well, and worked hard together to try and break down the opposing team. After their first win, Agents went into the second game which did not leave the team with much to celebrate over.

Game 2 was very strong in the beginning for both teams and started off by mimicking certain play styles of game 1. As the Agents got themselves to round 8 however, the tide began to sway in favor of the Opposition, All Star E-sports. With the teams playing on BIND, a map that the Agents team are very familiar with, the Agents team was feeling comfortable with how they were playing the map, until All Star, was able to cop a 2 round lead making the game 9-11. After this round victory was achieved, Agents pooled together and performed a very strong capture of site but unfortunately lost control towards the end of round 20 and lost giving All start E-sports not only that round, but also the following round closing the game in favor of All Star E-sports. Overall both teams played very solid, and the team work of the Agents was stronger then we had seen before. Though they lost that game and ultimately the Tournament, it was the farthest Agents had made it in a tournament environment and we are looking forward to whats in store coming up for the next two weeks.

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